About us

Our objective is to be the perfect choice for you and serve the best "FOOD FOR ALL". From vegetarians, vegans, omnivore, gluten free & we adapt to any sorts of demands and allergies.

We want to offer you the possibility to eat healthy and quickly, and at an affordable price, at our establishments or take away. 

Everything is prepared at the minute, in front of you and complete fresh products.

Come and enjoy our friendly and warm atmosphere, you will for sure feel like "at home". 


Why? And how? 

Having lived several years in Hollywood, as an Event Creator, the founder Sébastien Cadoux, was inspired by the "Healthy lifestyle" that California has to offer.

Returning to Switzerland in 2010, he noticed the lack of healthy food for the lunch break.

It was in 2012 when he decided to create in Lausanne city center the first and only take away in French-speaking Switzerland offering healthy and balanced dishes, affordable and served quickly.